2019 Retreats

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We host Tonic Retreats throughout the year in UK and international locations and our aim is to offer affordable yet luxurious wellness breaks.   We handpick our venues for their boutique vibe and our retreats always feature daily yoga, gourmet vegetarian food and mindfulness.

2019 Classes

Pip Taverner offers group classes and private tuition in both Dorset and London. From early morning beach yoga and Ashtanga Mysore to Hot Vinyasa Flow she offers a variety of styles and intensity to suit all levels. 
Check out her current class schedule for more information

Our Yoga

Tonic Retreats welcome beginners and experienced yogis with open arms!  Based on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow, the classes are taught so that whether you are new or very familiar with yoga there are always variations to modify and simplify or challenge and deepen each posture.

Our Food

 Food on a Tonic Retreat is designed to nourish on many levels. We only use the freshest local ingredients to produce modern vegetarian dishes daily from scratch. It's all about flavour, colour and nutrition with a healthy smattering of "a little of what you fancy does you good".