About Pip

Pip on the rooftop at cafe nomad, marrakech

Pip on the rooftop at cafe nomad, marrakech

My ongoing journey with yoga started slow and steady but will be familiar to many.  Living in London in my twenties with a full on social life and a high-pressured managerial role, I felt burnt out and knew I needed something to counterbalance my lifestyle. I went along to my first yoga class in a big name gym and ‘had a go’ quickly discovering I had little body awareness, zero flexibility and sitting on the floor really hurt. A little seed of determination was sown and I persevered with regular Hatha beginner’s classes.   

After a few years later arrives the power of Jivamukti and my passion for a dynamic and playful practice was born. Soon the positive vibes started to ripple and Friday nights in the pub were swapped for “Jiva” and green tea. I was hooked!

A natural progression onto Mysore-style Ashtanga and I had found my deepest relationship to a yoga practice yet. It taught me discipline and dedication, bringing about profound connection to my true self and a focus I’d not encountered before.  The breath, the Sanskrit count and my practice remains my meditation; my path to awareness. 

In 2013 I embarked on a yoga teacher training with Brian Cooper of Union Yoga and haven’t stopped developing my knowledge since.  Three extended trips to India saw me studying under Yogacharya Vinay Kumar and I have been privileged to attend teacher-training workshops run by or, practiced under the guidance of, John Scott, David Keil, Dina Kingsburg and Joey Miles. The always-smiling Scott Johnson of Stillpoint Yoga London is my go-to Ashtanga teacher and guide in this method. 

When I teach my intention is to enable my students to feel empowered and be individualistic in their approach; to experience their own path of self-realisation; to practice with joy and to always feel totally supported. I bring the uplifting power of electro and house music to my Vinyasa classes and have created Groove Om Yoga, a sequin-filled yoga experience at boutique festivals and clubs combining Vinyasa flow, a live DJ and audiovisuals. 

In 2015, together with my friend of over twenty years Naz (a passionate and talented cook), we created Tonic Retreats and host events blending our shared love of yoga, food and music.  We return twice yearly to vibrant Marrakech, taking residence in a historic tranquil riad and have more exotic destinations on the cards. Our business is blossoiming and we are going from strength to strength and I am blessed to be able to truly love what I do. 

Pip Taverner