More like sisters than friends, Pip and Naz first met working as Saturday girls at Russell & Bromley back when Kylie was in the charts and dancing all night in heels was considered exercise.   Like all lasting childhood friendships they've watched each other blossom into unique individual souls, supporting and sharing along the journey.  With Pip's innate business acumen and Naz's PR & Marketing experience they've always known that a business venture was on the cards. It wasn't until they both dived head first into their true passion of yoga, food and travel that it became obvious what they should create.

Tonic Retreats was born out of a desire to nurture and guide others to find happiness using traditional practices and wisdom, refreshed for a modern world.   The kind of happiness that grows when you immerse yourself in connection, friendship and new experiences.

Pip & Naz host every Tonic Retreat, partnering with local people and businesses to have maximum positive impact in these communities.