I've never done yoga before and I'm really inflexible! Is this retreat suitable for me?
Yes! BEGINNERS we welcome you with open arms. Our classes are a place to feel safe and to accept where you are in your body. There is no place for judgement or expectation. We work on grounding and creating a solid foundation in yoga. There is time for exploring how you feel, what works for you, what feels good and inevitably perhaps what doesn't with humour and a playful approach.

I practice yoga regularly and want to be challenged. Is this retreat suitable for me?
Yes! As you will know there is no such thing as a yoga expert and there is always room for improvement.

Can I have a private yoga session?
Yes. If you'd like to work on something in particular it is possible to have private one-to-one yoga on the retreat but sessions are limited so please ask us at the time of booking.

I'm travelling alone but don't want to pay for a solo room. What's the shared accommodation option? Will I have to share a bed with a stranger?
No, of course not. You will be paired up with one or two people of the same sex and you will share a large room, each having your own bed. It will differ for each venue but we prefer to offer en-suite bathrooms. Email us for options available on each trip.

How big is the group?
From our experience we believe that people benefit from smaller groups - you get more personal attention and it's far easier to bond. That's why you'll find a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 18 people on a Tonic Retreat.

Are your retreats female only? 
Life is a colourful mix and we love to celebrate that so most Tonic Retreats are open to all;  men, women and couples. Occasionally we host female only retreats so if this is your preference please let us know and we can keep you updated of the next one.

Aren't retreats really strict with no alcohol or mobile phones allowed?
We want encourage you to make small changes to help you live healthier and be happier. We are not here as parental control, we just encourage consciousness.  Our retreats about switching off and honouring your mind and body, giving you space to connect with yourself.  We ask our guests to respect each other and their chocies, therefore we make our retreat space alchohol free. However, if you want a glass of wine or a beer when you are out you are welcome to, you just need to make sure you aren’t practicing yoga under the influence. Likewise, we urge you to resist the temptation to check your Facebook and emails daily but we don't enforce it. 

I prefer gluten free food, can you cater for me?
We put a lot of effort into our menus and aim to provide a balanced healthy dishes with wholefood ingredients.  We understand that some guests may prefer particular options but we do ask that if it just a preference and not a dietary requirement that you relax this for us.  We make everything from scratch and can provide gluten free options for gluten intolerant and Celiac guests if we know in advance.  Please email us if you have serious food allergies as the kitchens we use are not commercial and we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens.

I'm vegan. Can you cater for me?
Yes, vegan is no problem for us and many of our dishes use only plant based ingredients anyway.

What do I need to bring? Will I have to travel with a yoga mat?
We will provide everyone with a mat to use during our classes but you are welcome to bring yours if you prefer.  Other than that we suggest comfortable clothes suitable for yoga as well as a warm socks and a cosy jumper for our relaxation time.  We will advise you what else you might like to bring dependent on the location of each retreat. For example, for Marrakech we recommend comfortable shoes for walking cobbled streets, long length lightweight clothing to cover up with and leaving room in your suitcase for souk purchases!

Email us at reviveme@tonicretreats.com or use the contact form if you have any other questions