Whatever your reasoning, it's never too late to start yoga and the benefits of regular practice are staggering:

Increases flexibility
Perfects posture
Improves breathing
Enhances self-esteem
Builds muscle strength

Makes you happier
Helps you focus
Maintains a healthy nervous system
Boosts your immune system

Helps you sleep
Releases tension


Our Yoga
The classes on a Tonic Retreat are a great way to bond with others, all moving together, sharing this wonderful experience. They are taught so that if you're fairly new or very familiar with yoga there are always variations to modify and simplify, or challenge and deepen each posture. We love music so curate soundtracks to accompany our classes, enhancing the mood and flow.  

If you're a beginner our retreat is a great way to get a solid grounding in the foundations of this incredible system and reap the benefits of a regular practice. Those more experienced in yoga will be challenged to go to the next level and gain a deeper understanding of postures and technique.

Mornings begin with a dynamic yoga flow. Sessions are varied and themed depending on the retreat but all classes incorporate traditional disciplines such as Ashtanga and Hatha with modern styles i.e. alignment focused Vinyasa Flow and Rocket Yoga. Classes start or finish with mindfulness meditation and/or Pranayama.

The afternoon's session will be varied depending on the retreat and day's activities. There will be afternoon Workshops or Vinyasa yoga classes, Chakra balancing yoga, Restorative yoga and stress releasing Yin yoga. 

We finish the day with yoga practices to deeply relax the body and mind. Star and candle gazing, meditation and Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) sessions are after dinner and allow you to close the day allowing the nervous system to go into rest and repair for the ultimate nights sleep. 

We will always have Yoga workshops, this is when we can discuss and break down various postures and techniques. Trying out different approaches and you having time to ask those questions you've always wanted to ask. 

There will be time throghout the retreat to ask your teacher one-to-one anything that you'd like help with or to work on.
Don't be surprised if there's an impromptu headstand workshop or two!