What to pack for a Tonic Marrakech Retreat

Our top ten tips for packing for Tonic Marrakech

So you're coming with us! What an amazing positive step to make for yourself. You'll get to relax in fabulous Marrakech where you can switch off and breath deep.. so let us help you with what to pack into the suitcase!

Firstly are you checking in a bag or going hand luggage only? You can do both and still have everything you need

1. If you've got the suitcase going in hold then you can pack your favourite yoga mat, if not don't panic we have one for you.

2. Yoga clothes of course - clothes which are comfortable and good to stretch in are needed, such as a cotton vest or t-shirt and loose shorts or leggings.

3. Something warm for savasana, relaxing and meditation such as a soft cardigan, a pashmina and warm socks. These are great to slip on whilst you allow yourself to totally relax in the balmy North African air.

4. A good book! Load the kindle up or pack that novel you've been meaning to start, there is plenty of you time to relax in the sun or shade and lose yourself in a book.

5. Anything that says pampering to you. Single sachet face masks, aromatherapy oil or eye masks are perfect use in your gorgeous room. However a trip to the spa is part of the itinerary so there will be plenty of opportunity for hammam, massages and pedicures.

6. Comfortable walking shoes. Yes, we know that sounds so dull but the streets are cobbled and occasionally uneven so don't have your footwear let you down when your exploring the souks.

7. A money belt or secure across the body bag. Marrakech's famous Jamaa El Fna square is a riot of colour and sound at night. It's a bustling market and an absolute must see. But put the mind at rest and the valuables away as you would in any busy city.

8. Relaxed and comfortable clothing to lounge in. There's no need to dress for dinner unless you'd like to. I recommend a shawl to cover the chest and arms when out in the medina as the custom here is to dress slightly conservatively. But don't forget swimwear as we have a fantastic secluded roof terrace to top up that tan!

9. A spare bag to check in on your return with purchases! Yes really, the shopping is incredible, so if you feel you might want to take back jewel coloured lamps, soft leather slippers and divine rose oil bring a light extra bag.

10. Your wonderful self...this is an opportunity to be just you and reconnect with yourself. Switch the work mobile off, put the iPad away and rediscover the adventurous, relaxed you - no emails, no distractions.

The important thing is not to stress whether you have all the right stuff.  This retreat is all about going with life's flow and that means caring less about the things that really don't matter.