10 tips for a calm Christmas


Naz & Pip have put together their top 10 tips to a calm Christmas Day and a more rejuvenating festive season.

 1.     Be Grateful – put aside your expectations of a picture perfect Christmas and take a moment to be grateful for all that you have. Start the day with a thank you;  to yourself, your family and friends. Christmas isn’t always a time of cheer for everyone, so start the day acknowledging what you’re grateful for and set the intention to continue with that state of mind.

2.     Rehydrate - Prosecco mimosa for breakfast, fizz and wine with Christmas lunch, at least 10 cups of tea with the odd Bailey’s on ice in front of the telly. It’s easy to see why water gets shunned on festive occasions but if you remember to alternate your alcohol with a glass of water you’ll feel brighter on Boxing Day we promise.

 3.     Chill & Take 90 - with the added fervour of the holidays, everything gets a bit more urgent and stressful. A last minute scramble to the shops, getting stuck in traffic jams or too many cooks in the kitchen can send us rocketing into annoyance, and no one wants that. When someone or something rubs you up the wrong way, just pause and take 90 (seconds). Take some deep breaths, simply acknowledging and observing the emotion without engaging it in thought. It will dissipate quickly and leave you feeling calm.

4.     Rest – this isn’t just for Christmas day but it’s about taking what time you have away from your daily stresses and really, truly resting. Try not to allow yourself to get caught up it the hecticness of the holiday and equally step away from work. Give yourself permssion to switch off.

 5.     Get outside –Chances are we wont’ be building snowmen this Christmas, but take any opportunity to see some sky by getting outside. Go for walks after your meals to aid digestion and breathe in the fresh air.  Works brilliantly with tip #6

 6.     Embrace your sense of wonder - remember when you were a kid and Christmas felt so magical? That’s because as children we see things with new eyes and everything is exciting. Bring some joy back into your Christmas by appreciating the little things by opening your eyes. We live on an incredible planet and we’re here for a such a brief moment. Take it all in!

 7.     Power Down – Instagram will not crash if you don’t post for 24 hours.  Take the opportunity to detach yourself from the pull of social media and stop the scroll.

 8.     Eat Consciously – Christmas is a time of indulgence, when all rules about healthy eating tend to go out the window.  But too much sugar, rich foods and snacking can play havoc with your digestion and leave you feeling groggy. Enjoy the foods you love but savour every mouthful and eat slowly. This conscious way of consuming is better for your waist line, your digestion and your energy.

 9.     Move and Stretch – your local yoga studio might be closed but there’s no reason why your yoga practice has to cease. At the very least take 15 mins to wake up your spine with a gentle stretch (see Pip’s video here)  or if you’re feeling energetic why not work on your headstand?

10.  Be Present – we can’t stress this enough.  Put down your devices and be fully present with your loved ones. Whatever you are doing, give each moment your undivided attention, stay curious in conversations and enjoy being fully present.

Merry Christmas Everyone!