Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

Urban Bliss
 1/2 Day Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat with Pip & Naz

Saturday 27th April 2019

Location: Bhuti, Richmond London
Cost:  £55 per person to include yoga classes, teas and sweet treats.

What to expect

2hrs Yoga, 1 hr Members lounge

Join Naz and Pip for an afternoon of Urban retreat bliss, the antitote to city stress.

We are delighted to be at Bhuti, an eco wellbeing escape day spa and Yoga studio located in the heart of beautiful Richmond in South West London.

Our afternoon of Urban bliss begins with Tonic's Yoga Teacher Pip. She'll guide you through a soothing Yoga asana practice focusing on calming the senses and nervous system. We live in a faced-paced and at times frenetic routine which causes the body to be in a state of stress and inflamation, these harmful states can be dramatically improved through yoga, mediation and wellbeing rituals.  The led practice begins with a simple but effective Pranyama (breathing exercise) moving into a conscious movement flow relasing deeply stored tension, connecting back to our bodies, honouring our breath and stilling the mind.

We will then have a long luxurious relaxation to soothe the nerves finishing our time in the studio with a guided meditation.

We will finish our day spending time together in the luxurious members lounge over tea and sweet treats with Tonic's Naz sharing her effective "Own the day" daily routine tools and guidance to get you on track to a better happier lifestyle

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